Communica agency provides marketing and lead generation services for IT B2B companies. We provide high-level business communications which drive sales and grow brand awareness. Our experience is based on team's portolio of 400+ lead generation projects over 14+ years.
About Communica
Communica team has significant experience in event management, from small seminars to full-scale exhibitions for thousands of attendees
appointments for CIOs and IT companies
2 500+
B2B marketing projects in team's portfolio
business events about IT and digital transformation organized by the team
leads for IT were got through targeted advertising, LinkedIn and email marketing
About us
We offer a number of marketing services including:
Our main focus is B2B marketing for such verticals as IT, telecommunications, corporate education and consulting. Mainly focusing on enterprise IT, we offer professional marketing services for companies offering such services as data storage, data management, information security, cloud solutions, virtualization, business process management, IT support, etc. Our employees are not only highly trained professionals having wide expertise in IT, but also very open-minded people who are always eager to expand their knowledge by working on new topics.
Communica provides a range of lead generation and appointment making services to make your company's first contact with its target audience: to generate leads, carry out market research or update databases
We also have a digital department to help our customers build reliable and effective relations with its audiences through target ads in social networks, email-marketing, context advertising and retarget. Communica team also has significant experience in event management, from small seminars to full-scale exhibitions for thousands of attendees.
Arranging business meetings and conference calls with prospective customers showing interest in your company’s products or services
Communications with key accounts through АВМ marketing
Targeted advertising in social media
Event management - either ‘turnkey’ (finding a location, all preparation works, PR, work on site, registration, program, IT support, design and print-work, etc.), or just some part of it
Personalized emails and direct mails for decision makers from large and middle-sized businesses
Lead nurturing which consists in reaching out your customers from time to time to remind them about your products/services and staying in touch
Establishing and widening a network of partners, resellers, VAD/VARs
Marketing research to identify prospective customers and qualify them
Don't put off until tomorrow what will bring success to your business today! This is our principle of work, and it works