Our team has experience in successful projects of attracting potential corporate clients from digital channels and networks
B2B target and digital lead generation
Where NWComm can help
Communica experts will help you
Set up integration with CRM, e-mail marketing for lead nurturing, e-mail notifications, Google Sheets
Help in qualification of leads via telemarketing if needed
Make a scaling of effective ads respecting a budget
Track an effectiveness of campaigns
Set up lead forms
Create lead magnets
Make ads design
Write texts that will capture CIOs and business users
Build an SMM promotion strategy focused on selling "complicated" B2B and IT solutions
Find your target B2B audience in social networks, using our know-how and project experience
For which companies digital and target as an effective marketing channel?
If you are ready for prompt working over of leads to qualify them, or can entrust it to our team
If you have an ability to offer a content that will act as a good lead magnet
If your target audience is relatively wide (at least 2000 companies)
Results of our work
increased brand awareness by reaching the target audience on social networks
qualified leads which can be taken into sales process wright now
interest in your technologies and business cases
requests for additional information
registrations for events
leads received from advertising on social networks
Don't put off until tomorrow what will bring success to your business today! This is our principle of work, and it works
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