Email-marketing will allow you to tell the audience about your IT solutions in a simple and understandable way, whether in IT services, software or hardware. And the availability of information will definitely increase customer loyalty, help to create an image of an industry expert and to build long-term relationships with clients
Email-marketing in B2B
We offer email-marketing strategy and sending e-mail mailings to a target B2B audience. E-mail newsletters are a good way to remind about your company, bring important information, draw attention of new and existing customers to a company's and competences.
Communica's team can take an overalll controll of your e-mail marketing, from making a strategy according to your marketing goals and to overall works about e-mails design, layout, texts, sending out and analytics.
Our professional approach to e-mail marketing will allow you to:
As a result - increase sales and get a high-quality target audience, potentially interested in your products and services
Build your image as industry experts
Easily inform customers about all company news
Automate bringing of important information to a client
Increase customer loyalty through useful content
Reactivate clients with whom you have lost a contact
Segment your target audience
Invite and gather a large audience for an upcoming event
Generate interest from new potential customers
Offer a new product or service and to get a quick feedback from potentially interested customers
What you get
E-mail strategy development
High-quality e-mails with clear and useful content for your subscribers with high deliverability
E-mails design, copywriting, layout
New leads from e-mail marketing
An updated list of subscribers
Analytics with deliverability statistics, openings, clicks, unsubscriptions and direct answers
Helpful advice and expert opinion on the work done and further strategy
Sending out e-mail blasts
Don't put off until tomorrow what will bring success to your business today! This is our principle of work, and it works